Why us

We have been on the market for 25 years. Within that time, we delivered goods to their destination within the agreed time in 98.7% of cases. Even in the case of a force majeure event, we can handle the situation in the shortest amount of time possible due to our many years of experience.

Please find below 5 reasons for choosing us and the opinions of our satisfied customers.


You are not just another customer to us. You are not just a number. You are a valuable partner whom we treat with professionalism and respect. We dedicate our full attention to each customer, and no one is treated lightly. We are here for you.



Are you tired of transport operators where you do not have anyone to call after 15:00 who can tell you where your cargo is? Don’t worry, we do things differently. When necessary, we are available to you even after 17:00, outside of working hours, because we too like to know where your cargo is.



We guarantee that we consistently abide by deadlines and all agreements. We are among the most reliable transport companies.



Do you want to reroute your cargo or call off the delivery? No problem! Call either of our two contact numbers, and we will do everything we can to satisfy your needs.



Our cargo arrival estimates are accurate to within two hours, since we are always in touch with our operators. We use the latest tracking technology so we can find out the location of the cargo at all times.


Prva-stran_opcija4_10EXCELLENT REFERENCES

Our customers are more than satisfied. For example, Janez Žumer s. p. Kovinostrugarstvo from Ljubljana said:

»We like doing business with Vrtačnik transport because we can order a transport service even just one day before the transport. The company is also competitive in terms of prices. But most importantly, we do not need to worry whether the consignment will be on time or what condition it will be in.«


»Last year, I was making injection moulding tools for a German buyer from Hannover. One day, he called me around noon and wanted to have the tools delivered to him the next day in Hannover. Since I had previously worked with Igor from Vrtačnik transport, I called him and told him my practically impossible need. Igor called me back after half an hour and told me everything was set and that my tools would be picked up by someone from the company in the evening. Everything went smoothly and the tools were at the German buyer’s the next day. I’m very grateful to Igor and Vrtačnik transport for the rapid response, because thanks to them, I was able to score some points with the German buyer for responding so quickly to his wishes«.